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10th, January, 2019 - Shit, we all still here? :O
In all seriousness though, I swear I'm active.. slowly, very much procrastinating but I still KiSS.

29th, December, 2017 - WTF did photobucket do to my site?!? Christ this is going to be a pain to fix. Arrrrgh.

29th, August, 2017 - I LIVE EVEN STILL.

21st, September, 2016 - ...well this is awkward. Not dead, just incredibly unproductive! :D
I've been putting almost everything on hold over the past few months, if not a hiatus in general. Can't say that I'll be continuing anything for a while yet, but I'm certainly not giving up on KiSS just taking a hell of a long break. In the mean time however I've been doing my usual doll collecting (I do not recall if I ever admitted to collecting any actual dolls in the past, but I certainly do!), it's been keeping me sane. I just adore Licca-chan dolls so much. :)
- Shuichi

2nd, May, 2016 - Email is back up and running, what a pain that was. :\

13th, March, 2016 - Minor update to my KiSS temps. It seems photobucket is being mean, the only thing I can do is to grab my goodies and put them together for DL, which I did. Thank you kind stranger for notifying me about photobucket, I've got lots of work ahead of me now to get this sorted out at some point~ ;)

13th, January, 2016 - Time flies! In fact it's so fast I've barely done anything worth noting, although I did update my KiSS templates with one more to the list, it's revamp but I'm sure it can be appreciated.
I've also been thinking as to how long I've had this website, it has surely been anywhere between 8 - 10 years by now!
Oh boy, I don't think even I've aged that gracefully. :P

1st, September, 2015 - WIP updated. Not dead yet.

24th, July, 2015 - Updated the WIP with another set to come in future.

7th, June, 2015 1 new KiSS Template. It's an old dropped set that was never going to see the light of day until now. >_>'

29th, April, 2015 - WIP updated! I want to update the site, re-write a few things.. oh, you know.. the boring stuff. ;)

2nd, April, 2015 - Oh look, a quick preview!
She hasn't very much at the moment, but slow and steady wins the race. Not happy with the palette, but I need to just shut up and continue, otherwise it'll take forever to complete or even release a beta. In the mean time, Happy Easter. Eat Chocolate! Lots of it!
Creamy Mami Kisekae Set to come!

20th, March, 2015 - Yeah.. so I really suck at this whole updating thing..
But would you look at that, it's been some time since I last did anything, it's not like I've completely stopped KiSS'n, just less inspired to do so, it takes me so unbearably long to make just about anything nowadays. It's frustrating being slow but even more so when you can't be satisfied with what you make so it makes you want to stop and start over again. every. single. time. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
That reminds me, I've had this layout for years now! Whoa, it really doesn't feel that long ago I put it up. Time flies~
It also occurred to me that I have no idea as to how long I've had this site up, it would have to be around 8 years now? More even?
Anyhow, I'm outta here!

6th, January, 2015 - Happy New Year everyone! Woo~ 2015! Nope, sorry, no set to show or celebrate with, I've been waaaay busy to finish one off or even put it into a beta. I intend to continue my KiSS'n hobby for this year, possibly even the next to come and the next after that! Shuichi hasn't given in just yet~ ;P (It's pretty lonely in the KiSS community though..)

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